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The 3T RPG Podcast is a Tabletop RPG podcast starring three Brits; Nikk with his very own beard, Harrison who is part shark, and James who is half gourd, all Asian.

In the 3T RPG Podcast we cover the RPG products so weird and gross that no-one else wants to. We do in-depth reviews of RPG products, discussions, competitions, play reports, listener questions, and (possibly our favourite) cinematic actual plays:

•The Foreign Beggars (DCC RPG Actual Play)
•Ravenlord (DCC RPG Actual Play)
•Dirt Boy Blues (DCC RPG Actual Play)
•The Dead Can’t Lie (Mörk Borg Actual Play)
•The Coprolite Spear (DCC RPG Actual Play)

…with more actual plays to come!


Discord: discord.gg/uWAn92PFqJ
Support the show: patreon.com/3TRPGPodcast
3TRPG Publishing on DTRPG: https://drivethrurpg.com/browse/pub/14829/3T-RPG-Publishing


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Discord: discord.gg/uWAn92PFqJ
Support the show: patreon.com/3TRPGPodcast
3TRPG Publishing on DTRPG: drivethrurpg.com/browse/pub/14829…T-RPG-Publishing

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